NLP Wellness Practitioner Workshop

NLP Wellness Practitioner Workshop

Are you living life or serving a life sentence? The simple question is what weighs more in your life; health or stress, depression, high blood pressure, heart attack, acidity, migraine or other life discounting disease. Today, the ‘modern’ life has gifted us these killers that keep haunting us and need to be tackled.

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Before we try to tackle these issues at physical level, we must understand them well. Any disease is just the ‘effect’ at the physical level. The real causes are the persistent memory of inner infighting, unresolved issues, value conflicts and unaddressed agendas of life. Your body is just the place where all these factors take shape in form of a disease. Any disease is a mirror reflection of the thought and feelings. Any disease is first an idea or feeling that you hold.

The cancer cells that the patients dread and physicians battle against are just such phantoms – they will come and go, raising hopes and despair, while the real culprit, the persistent memory that creates the cancer cell, goes undetected.

Deepak Chopra, Quantum Healing

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Wellness or illness is just the ways that our body uses to communicate with us to let us know what is going on and what needs to be changed at our thinking level.

Any unresolved suppressed issue is the disease-causing blueprint for the mind. All of us, one time or the other, have emotional reactions that come in our way. You may have fears that keep you from moving forward. Feeling scared, jealous, insecure, burdened with guilt are some of the emotions that can prevent you from going ahead and succeeding in your mission. When such issues remain unresolved, they become the perfect designs for the disaster at the physical level. Many a time we try to suppress the reactions cause by these issues, yet the reality is that the emotion frequently returns—often even stronger and disturbs body-mind alignment and discounts personal congruence.

What the way out: To let our body repair and heal, we need methods that can help us resolve our issue at thinking as well as builder mind level. These methods need to not only transform our old limiting beliefs but also create a new resourceful state in which mind and body fasten healing. The mind-body technology NLP matches all the expectations to do the required job. NLP is the study of what works in thinking, language and behaviour. It provides us a model to communicate not only to others but also to ourselves, which is more important

NLP Training for Wellness Mastery ensures:

  • Understanding the cause of illness.
  • Breaking through negative and limiting beliefs.
  • Transforming limiting or depressing self-image into a resourceful one.
  • Eliminating painful memories, fears and phobia.
  • Handling troublesome emotions
  • Erasing the imprints of illness from unconscious mind.
  • Resolving unresolved issues.
  • Creating wonderful relationship
  • Handling unwanted habits.
  • Activating Immune System.
  • Enhancing stress capacity.
  • Developing self confidence.
  • Creating powerful positive perspective.
  • Conditioning Unconscious mind for new ‘wonderful you’.
  • Developing Neurophysiologic conditioning for optimum performance.

IssueLess Mind is the first key to Wellness.

Your body knows only how to Heal.

Real wellness comes when the mind is Well.

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