NLP Wellness Workshop

What is Wellness & Illness

Wellness and illness are the way our bodies communicate and let us know what is going on and where we need to change our thinking. Every sickness is first an idea or feeling we hold. All of us generate and repress negative thoughts and emotions, and these can cause physical pain and symptoms of disease. The real truth about disease is that there really is nothing to heal but a false belief. Drop this false belief and the disease disappears. It is not that you stop seeing your doctor when you are sick, The message is that you need to take an active role regarding your wellness.
The body knows how to build new cells. It knows exactly how to repair itself. Still, it can only build from the blueprint laid out before it. It is an impartial contractor and does not differentiate between sickness and health.
So, does it mean that has said to himself that he desires a body ravaged by cancer? No, most likely your 'cancerous' thoughts and feelings were something much more subtle yet very persistent, such s these: I never get what I want. Every one takes advantage of me. I am worthless. I don't deserve to live. Life is so hard. I am not good enough. No one really likes me. What is the use of living? The world is so merciless. False belief, anger, criticism, guilt, bitterness, hatred, self-pity, worry, pettiness, suspicion, cynicism, ill will, and resentment are highly toxic. These emotions strangle clear vision and cut you off from the advice of our your selves. .
It is these thoughts and feelings the body uses without partiality when building new cells. Your thoughts and words are powerful. Never think or say anything about yourself that you don't want to see as a reality in your life. Always remember that the builder mind works endlessly, dividing, multiplying, and moving the cells, molecules, and atoms in your body, constantly creating the image and likeness in a perfect match with the commands of the thinking mind. The body takes its instructions from the mind and builds accordingly. No living organism can deviate from this perfect plan.

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