NLP SubConscious ReImprinting

5 Day workshop to learn complete NLP SubConscious ReImprinting

In this unique five day program you need to learn application of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting exercises under the guidance of Ram Verma.
This workshop will resolve your mental issues and will teach you the application of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting.
You will learn as to how each exercise can be used in various fields like personal growth, professional growth, education, money making, relationship and wellness.

Who can Join?

- Individual looking for self development
- Those who wants to gain holistic wellness
- Trainer, Counsellor, Phychologist, Healers
- Businessman, Entreprenuer
- Sport person & Sport Coaches
- Upcoming Trainers and coaches

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A Workshop that works for YOU & Your Wellbeing

Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Ram Verma believes that the right education is the first step towards bringing the real change. It gives you the power to transform your mindset and a different point of view.

Get Rid of Past Garbage

Ram Verma believes that you must be empowered with the tools and techniques for lasting change. In his workshops, he empoweres his participants with the techniques to master every area of your life.

Dominate Each Area Of Your Life

Ram Verma is pioneer for providing his participants for lasting transformation. With the right education, right empowerment and with right mentor, Ram Verma, your path to transformation is inevitable.

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting

A system that will help you after the workshop

It is a two step program;
Step 1:
NLP Study Kit(NLP Basic & Advanced) at home
Step 2:
Live and Practical Application of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting exercises with Ram Verma and team.

Details of Step 1: Once you get registered for this unique life changing course, you will become the premium member of Here you will access your NLP Home Kit wherein all the topics of NLP and Subconscious Re-Imprinting will be taught in a very simple and easy-to-understand way.

You will also get following Bonuses worth Rs 60,000 Free with this workshop

NLP Basic & Advanced Home Kit

As you register for the workshop, you become the premium member of You get the complete topics of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting in Hindi & English. You can use this to revise and sharpen your skills. You have this access for lifetime.

Wellness ReImprinting Mastery

A very special workshop by Ram Verma on wellness. After the workshop ends you get the live recording of this workshop so that you apply the NLP SR techniques to your holistic wellness. You will get this after the workshsop gets over.

Ultimate Audio Pack

In the live workshop you will witness a lot of powerful NLP SR exercises. You will witness the live transformation through these exercises. We will give you 25 NLP exercises so that you can keep on practising these wonderful techniques even after the workshop ends. You can listen to them everytime and also use them to revise the technique.

Digital Coach Blueprint

Want to become a coach/trainer? In this program we will teach you our secrets that you can replicate. We will teach you how you can run facebook ads, create landing pages and have autoresponders. You will get this program once you complete the 5 day workshop.

Memory Mastery Live

Learn the memory techniques which will help your child to learn faster and retaian longer so that you can also empower your child.

LifeTime Membership

You get a lifetime membership once you complete our 5 day workshop. You can also repeat our workshop by paying venue charges.

Gains You will Get

Clarity on Your Vision, Purpose & Values
Overcome negative and limiting self beliefs
Enjoy confidence and high self esteem
Get rid of past painful memories, fear, phobias
Develop stronger and loving relationship
Deal with allergies and OCD
Master the art of communication
Have more positive energy and relaxation in your Life
Remove the pattern of anxiety, stress and deprerssion
Learn the art to communicate with subconscious mind
Improve your coaching and counselling skills

ram verma

Dominate Each Area of Your Life

How NLP SubConscious ReImprinting can change your Life..!!

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting in Business

Enhancing productivity, improving workplace culture and boosting sales are the major challenges most of the businesses are facing today. NLP is an efficient and scientific proven technique which helps in creating and maintaining right mindset and high morale among employees. Using NLP techniques, one can communicate better, create rapport with clients/peers and even handle tough clients with ease. Not only this NLP even helps in aligning individuals to the organization’s mission and vision which is a critical factor to any organization’s growth and success.

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting in Coaching/Training

When it comes to coaching, training and counselling, NLP is the best human mind technique which provides effective results. With NLP you can give high results and resolve the mental issues such as low confidence, past painful memories, anxiety, depression, low confidence, low self esteem, fear phobias and other mental issues. You can provide instant and lasting results with NLP techniques.

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting in Sports

As a sportsperson, you are always under pressure to perform your best. NLP techniques help you to perform at the peak level and overcome limiting beliefs. The best use of NLP is in modeling the pattern of other's and implant them in your mind. NLP also helps in gaining your top form and always be at the best on your game. Sport coaches can also help their student with NLP techniques in increasing their confidence and mental rehearsal.

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting in Health

We all have a goal of optimal health and wellness. NLP helps you gaining the right state of mind so that you get the state of holistic wellness. First step is to get rid of past negative garbage like past painful memories, fear, phobias, guilt and other mental issues. The moment these mental garbage are cleared, you start gaining the state of wellness. NLP techniques are powerful to remove these negative issues and help you deal well in allergies and ocd's.

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting in Personal Life

The real happiness comes with our personal growth in every area. With NLP you will gain more confidence with higher self esteem. You will overcome all your negative and limiting self beliefs. You will get rid of negative garbage like past painful memories, fear, phobias and guilt. You learn the art of communication to self and others. You learn to respect the point of view of other person and feel the juice of healthy relationships.

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