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NLP SubConscious ReImprinitng Coach- Master Practitioner Course

It is a two step program;
Step 1:
Study NLP (Theory part) at home,
Step 2:
Live and Practical Application of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting exercises with Ram Verma and team.

Details of Step 1:
Once you get registered for this unique career oriented and life changing course, you will get a set of 12 DVD’s by Ram Verma wherein all the topics of NLP and Subconscious Re-Imprinting will be taught in a very simple and easy-to-understand way. It will be followed a questionnaire booklet and a workbook also. You need to send the questionnaire to us to evaluate your understanding of the subject that you learnt through these videos.

I built my sales career from zero to become the world's best motivator by using NLP.

Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power

Subconscious Re-Imprinting Coach Programme Video By Ram Verma

Details of Step 2:
In this unique five day program you need to learn application of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting exercises under the guidance of Ram Verma and team.
You will be given the written commands of these exercises. The team will check, evaluate your growth and help you learn the finer points of conducting your sessions, workshops and personal counseling of NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting.
You will learn as to how each exercise can be used in various fields like personal growth, professional growth, education, money making, relationship and wellness.

This is a unique coach program for individuals and trainers to learn core concepts and most practical NLP techniques along with ‘Live Healing Sound Therapy’ to solve human challenges and start their career in shortest possible time.

After this program, you will be able to conduct your training programs/personal counseling for students, teachers, sales people, corporate organizations, couples, cricketers and other sportspersons, parents, professionals and individuals.

Continuous Support
You can enjoy continuous learning by joining and conducting some part of the training sessions with me just free of cost. You need to pay for the charges of the hotel, venue or food etc.
How is it unique and different from the courses conducted by others?
• Whole NLP learning in one-go
• NLP made simple by most experienced coach of India Ram Verma
• All topics are discussed prior to practical training
• Proper evaluation of every participant
• NLP commands for every exercise is designed by Ram Verma for the participants
• Continuous future support
• Time and money saving program
• Home tutorial ready for refreshing your knowledge and skills
• An opportunity to make regular income by associating with the team (see details)

Get Competent and Make regular income by associating with us
Here is another unique feature of this program.
We as a team have developed a number of Home Tutorials and training programs for the people of various domains. You can get associated with us and help these tutorials and training programs reach people in your city.
This will help you in two ways;
1. You will get ready-made assignment for your sessions/trainings
2. You will enjoy the financial benefits on win-win situation.

Duration: Five days
Fee: Rs 35,000 + GST

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