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Mind Body Relationship in Wellness

The mind is composed of two parts: the conscious and the subconscious.
The conscious is the thinking mind (the place where the choices are made) and the subconscious is the building mind (the place where the choices are turned into reality). The building mind is impartial and mechanical in its working. It never chooses anything and it never judges what the thinking brain has chosen. It simply builds from whatever thoughts the thinking mind sends it. The thinking mind cannot build a thing. It functions as the architect; its thoughts and decisions act as the blueprints for the building mind.
Our physical level is the effect after the cause. It is a mirror reflection of your thoughts and feelings. It is the place where all your beliefs are made real. By the time your body shows the symptoms of disease, know that you have already chosen to have illness. It does not matter in the least if you realized you were choosing it or not. What mind thinks, feels, and believes, the body believes and become. However, thinking brain does not want to accept this because the thinking brain views itself as a separate entitys.
According to Dr Deepak Chopra, "The mistake of the intellect is insidious. The intellect refuses to believe that everything is happening inside mind-body reality; it creates the fiction that the sick body is some where else, anywhere but in the same situation as itself." Dr Chopra likens illness to a war that is waged within rather than started by an outside source such as germ theory implies with its many viral and bacterial attackers lying in wait. Dr Chopra observes that healthy people live safely with these outside dangers. "Physically, the virus is no match for the cell, being thousands of times smaller and less complex- as one medical writer put it, it is as if a basket ball came through the window of a skyscraper and the whole building fell down"
Believing that the physical reality of a disease is more like a ghost and not the actual perpetrator, Dr Chopra says, "The cancer cells that patients dread and the physicians battle against are just such phantoms - they will come and go, raising hopes and despair, while real culprit, the persistent memory that creates the cancer cell, goes undetected". Louise L. Hay in her book, 'Heal your body: The mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them' says that, "I have learned that for every condition in our lives, there is a NEED FOR IT…The symptom is only an outer effect. We must go within to dissolve the mental cause. This is why will power and discipline don't work because they are battling the outer effect.

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