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Negative Emotions on Wellness

It is difficult for any of us to face up to and admit we have emotional issues, so can we really be expected to defeat these destructive demons when we are already ill? The short answer is: it is very challenging. It is much easier to tackle these nasty culprits before you are ill by using your objective power of observation as the 'watcher' of your thoughts.
Thoughts are real things. Thought are new cells of your body. Stop thinking destructive thoughts about yourself, and the body will stop producing cells of destruction.
Perfect health is normal. Sickness is abnormal and negates universal law, but you will experience only that which you think of as normal. Always remember, the power that made the body knows exactly how to heal the body.
You have the option of turning on or turning off a disease. You may or may not experience whatever you wish. Always judge your experience in such a way that they empower you.
You are not a body with a mind; you are a mind working through a body. Every cell the body creates begins as a positive or negative thought. Cells are the thoughts in physical form. We don't realize this because the body that we see in the mirror does not change dramatically with each thought. Many of the physical changes caused by thinking take place inside the body through very small modifications in cell chemistry, body temperature, and blood pressure and so on.
The scientific community fully understands that every one of our cells contains DNA, our personal set of cell-building directions. As every cell divides, it replicates the DNA, which also contains the memory of the cell before it.
Although it has not yet been scientifically proven, it now appears that a cell's memory is able to outlive the cell itself. If this is the case, the memory is more permanent than matter. For example, a person with a chemical addiction, such as a smoker has to nicotine, has some receptors on their cell walls as everyone else has. The receptors are what allow another cell or a chemical substance, for instance, 'to hook up' with the cell. Though the cell and the receptors that allowed the hook up to take place have long been replaced, the cigarette addiction persists. Why would this be? Dr Deepak Chopra reasons it is the memory of addiction that is built into each new cell. Dr Chopra says, "A cell is a memory that has built some matter around itself, forming a specific pattern. Your body is a place your memory calls home."
So, if is true, then how can we apply this information in a straightforward manner to improve the quality of our lives in every way, including our health?

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