Resources vs Challenges

by | Oct 1, 2017 | self help

Since ages man has been struggling mainly with two states if his mind. One is the anxiety and the other one is the boredom. These two emotional states make him feel stressed at number of times.

These two states can be understood in terms of resources vs challenges.

When people think that their perceived challenges are bigger than the perceived resources, they are in anxiety.
And while they find that their perceived resources are bigger than their challenges, they experience boredom. In both the situations, they are in stress. This leads to their unwanted behaviors and habits.

The irony is that this can be seen in each area if life from our school day till we gain the status of senior citizen, yet no one teaches us as to how we can make a balance between our resources and challenges, so that we can make each step of our life more rewarding and meaningful.

Ram Verma

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