Handling and Motivation People in Business

by | Jan 10, 2018 | business

Becoming the Super Achiever Entrepreneurs:Handling and Motivation People

When you wish to enhance the productivity of your organization and profits, you need the support of the people that are engaged in your organization as employers, team members and clients. We know you know that all. But the question is how to handle people well so that they are out of their idleness and get their momentum back. To resolve any issue with people, you need to first understand as to what cause people in an organisation not to be productive. Here are some of the reasons.

  • When their beliefs and values are threatened: You as a leader you need to closely that the beliefs and values of your people are not threatened. It usually happen when there occurs some change in the organisation; when some rules or policies are imposed on them without taking them in confidence.
  • When they are treated badly: You need to understand that each person has his own set of rule of honour to guard them. Any time his respect is threatened, he will take some measure to guard it. In an organisation, you need to take care that your people are not mistreated.
  • When they are misunderstood: Any time there is any miscommunication, and your response is not aligned with the real issue, your junior may take it as a threat and subsequently will show some resentment in their behaviors.
  • They may have made some embarrassing mistakes: It may be that they are hiding their face as they dont want to face you. You as a leader to communicate with them accordingly.
  • They may have some bad triggers: We call it anchoring in NLP. These triggers can put them in unresourceful states. It can be3 that they dont like some person or situation around them. Once you resolve or collapse these triggers, they can once again get an access to their positive states.

If you want to help people resolve their issues, you need to address them in a right way. This right way is known as NLP or popularly known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. It will help you to learn the deeper patterns of subconscious mind and replace them if they are not relevant enough.