Wellness Mastery


As our disease and wellness, both are the result of the imprints of our subconscious mind. This collection of audio commands prepared by the leading Indian SubConscious ReImprinting coach Ram Verma will help you develop the imprints of wellness on your subconscious mind.

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Language: Hindi



Wellness Mastery Commands

  1. Making Your Painful Memories Powerless: This is one of the important exercise for you to enjoy wellness. Past painful memories spoils our life most. This exercise will help you get rid of such past experiences.
  2. Heal Your Past Unwanted Time Line: There might be series of painful traumas on your time line that is causing a lot of anxiety and depression in your life. This exercise will help you heal your past time line. A very important exercise for the persons suffering from prolonged diseases.
  3. Saving Yourself from Hurt: This exercise will protect you from some unwanted criticism and hurt coming from significant people of your life.
  4. Developing Confidence for Your Goals: Wellness comes from the goals we achieve. For that we need the patterns of confidence. Remember, confident people enjoy more wellness than shy people. This exercise will develop in your mind the patterns of confidence.
  5. Power-Suggestions for Wellness Mindset: Science has approved that self-suggestion do miracle for our wellness. Here you will develop such self-suggestion for your ultimate wellness.
  6. Change Your Inner Beliefs for Wellness: Belief are the guide for our potential. In this exercise you are offering new beliefs of your wellness to stay healthy and happy.
  7. Communicating with Your Dis-ease and Heal It: Human disease is just a message. Here is the most magical exercise for healing your disease. You will make a communication with the patterns of your disease and explore the hidden message and also the ways to heal it.
  8. Creating Inner-Self-Image for Ultimate Wellness: Our inner-self-image plays big role in depression and wellness. This exercise will help you develop your inner-self-image for wellness.
  9. Fastening Your Healing Process: This unique exercise will guide your subconscious mind to get engaged to adopt the path of healing.
  10. Enhancing Your Stress Handling Capacity: It is a relaxation technique that will help your mind and body to enhance the stress handling capacity.


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