Master Your SubConscious Mind


Master Your SubConscious Mind: 3 powerful SubConscious Mind command by Ram Verma that directly work on subconscious mind.

Type: Downloadable MP3

Language: English


Master Your SubConscious Mind: 3 powerful command by Ram Verma.

1. Creating Inner Environment & Subconscious Power for Ultimate Healing

In this exercise you will install in your subconscious mind the imprints that will empower your mind for ultimate wellness and healing. Once you empower your subconscious mind with such powerful patterns, you are creating inner environment that will produce the desired results in your life.


2. Exploring & Installing the Transformed and Powerful Self-Image in Subconscious Mind

Our subconscious mind aligns with our inner concept as to who we are. Once you transform this self-concept, your mind responds accordingly. This exercise will give your subconscious a new direction and positive energy.


3. Creating Subconscious Alignment for Success and Healing

The power of our subconscious is defined by the inner sync among various levels like Purpose, Identity, Values and Beliefs. In this exercise you will be able to create inner alignment and enjoy the power of your subconscious mind for your financial success, growth and wellness.


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