NLP SR Master Practitioner Exercises

NLP Master Practitioner Exercises

nlp master practitioner course in india

This NLP Master Practitioner Workshop contains each and every exercises of NLP( Basic and Advaced). Apart from that you will learn NLP Excecises that are helpful in you wellness(Mind and Body), NLP exercises that help students and many more. Some of them will be

  • How to generate confidence for any situation like exam, public speaking, meeting new people etc
  • How to create interest in your studies, job, work or family
  • How to condition your mind against any allergic response
  • How to condition your mind to attract more wealth in life
  • How to de-condition your mind against any addiction like food addiction, smoking, alcohol
  • How to generate a new behavior that you really need for your success in any field
  • How to generate self motivation for the things that you want to achieve
  • How to generate self de-motivation for the things that you don't want to do
  • How to create an unlimited flow of energy, wellness and happiness by resolving inner conflict
  • How to create unstoppable positive attitude for unlimited success
  • How to eliminate patterns of anxiety, stress and depression and feel more delightful
  • How to transform your inner self image
  • How to learn any thing 10 times faster with 100% retention (Remember, NO OTHER COURSE OFFERS IT IN INDIA)
  • How to solve the problem of Dyslexia (Learning disability in children)
  • How to double your score or percentage in your next exam
  • How to make children Spelling-Master
  • How to make people your friend in less than 90 seconds
  • How to eliminate life-long fears and phobias
  • How to handle on-going bothering inner voice
  • How to prepare your preview seminar for your training programs
  • How to present yourself in a better way
  • How to prepare & show your UNIQUE, mesmerizing and surprising NLP-mind-power demo before public/organization etc
  • How to prepare your NLP based program for allergy, weight loss and general wellness
  • How to prepare your NLP based program for students, youth, parents, teachers & couples
  • How to launch your programs in different cities
  • How to keep upgrading your skill regularly

NLP techniques and NLP exercises that you are going to learn are going to help you in all area of life; be it physical health, family life, social standing, business, financial independence, better friendship and relationship and mental and emotional. After this course you can start your training programs on NLP and other NLP-based programs.

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