Ram Verma

Transforming Mindset, Transforming Lives..!!

Ram Verma

Transforming Mindset, Transforming Lives..!!

Awaken The God of Miracle

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You have a deep desire to live a life that is full of joy, passion, health & wealth. Apart from this you also want to grow your business, be more resourceful, achieve higher goals and fulfill your purpose. Ram Verma's live events, coaching & mentoring programs help you to master your mindset and attain your desired life.

Empower Each area of your Life

Solution that Fulfills all your Needs..!!

NLP SR Master Practitioner

Learn the complete NLP

Be the part of most exciting and transformational 5 days workshop.

Train The Competent Life Coach

Learn the Secrets of transforming the Lives.

A 14 day residential workshop so that you can enter into training and coaching.

Online Courses

Learn with your pace and at your time.

We have various online programs suitable for your requirements.

Coaching & Mentoring

Get the right mindset & resourcefulness

Get Results 10X faster

Audio Programs

Specially designed to positively program your mind.

Re-program your subconscious mind.

NLP SubConscious ReImprinting

Learn the best techniques by the top NLP trainer: Ram Verma

Expert Trainer

Ram Verma is a pioneer authority in the field of NLP and personal transformation.

Proven Techniques

Learn the proven & result oriented techniques that directly work on your subconscious mind.

Learn New Strategies that Work

Implant new and effective strategies in your mind and achieve the desired outcome.

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Achieve Lasting Results

Once the right programming of subconscious mind is done, the results are ever lasting.

Overcome Limitations

Get rid of all negative memories, events, traumas, beliefs, anxiety, depression and gain more happiness in life.

Change your Mind, Change your Life

Once you change your mindset positively, you start to embrace the positivity in your life.

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NLP Training in India by Ram Verma

Hi, For more than two decades I have been offering a number of NLP training in India. My generative learning methodology uniquely helps participants learn and practice NLP in a simple way. This helps people address and resolve their challenges effectively. I am proud to announce that my most-watched NLP videos in India and abroad are helping everyday a number of people who are looking for authentic and relevant training to address their personal and professional issues. In last two decades decades, I got an opportunity and big exposure to address and empower around one million people with NLP training in India. I have got an opportunity to design and deliver various trainings like NLP for corporate executives/managers, for students, for sales people, for couples, for senior citizens, for lawyers, for teachers/parents and for upcomoing trainers in different Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Gujarat, Kerela, Surat, Pune and Ahmedabad etc. I have been helping individuals and upcoming Indian NLP trainers (training and designing their customised training contents)NLP India. I offer various NLP trainings like NLP Practitioner course, NLP Master Practitioner course, NLP Money/Business Workshop, NLP For Wellness, NLP trainers’ program, and customized workshops for Students, Youth, Couples, Parents, Teachers & Business people etc. I invite you to join my upcoming workshop and learn about NLP.

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top sellable online courses

Program your subconscious mind with our online courses at your own pace. Have the deep programming to get the desired results.

Online NLP Bundle

Learn the complete NLP

Learn NLP and Its Applicaiton in Life

Student Memory Mastery

Increase Concentration & Retention

Gift it to your child.

Total Transformation

Wealth & Wellness Mastery

Wealth & Wellness Mastery Audio Program.

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Master the art of communication with your SubConscious mind and witness how it can make everything possible for you.

Ram Verma

Thoughts By Ram

nlp business by ram verma

Seven Secrets that You Need to Grow in Your Business

Your being a businessperson or entrepreneur opens unlimited opportunities not only for yourself and your people but also for a number of persons who benefit from your product, and create a positive belief by seeing you and your growth as well.

focus by ram verma

Whatever You Focus Upon Expands

Whatever you focus upon expands... It is a simple rule of our Subconscious mind. It helps expand the things that it has been focusing upon.

motivate people by ram verma

Handling and Motivation People in Business

When you wish to enhance the productivity of your organization and profits, you need the support of the people that are engaged in your organization as employers, team members and clients.

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