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8 SubConscious commands to deal with Anxiety.

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Anxiety drains your energy, hope, and drive, making it difficult to do what you need to feel better. Here are 8 SubConscious Mind Commands that erases anxiety.

1. Breaking the Patterns of Anxiety, Depression and Stress
Our mind responds effectively if we consistently break patterns of unresourceful states like anxiety. In this technique you will learn as to how you can break patterns of anxiety and stay in resourceful zone.

2. Erasing Past Painful Events that cause Anxiety
To get rid of anxiety, you need to erase the patterns of past painful memories off your mind consistently as these memories are translated into anxiety. Here you are going to learn and practice this wonderful technique to cleanse the garbage of your past.

3. Handling the ongoing sensations of anxiety
During anxiety, the person may experience the unbearable sensations in the body. These sensations need to be handled well in time. In this exercise you will learn as to how you can handle the ongoing sensations of anxiety.

4. Handling the Sensations of Anxiety
Ever sensation in human body has some components or building blocks. Once you know how to change these qualities or building blocks, you can change the intensity of any sensation or feeling. This is what you are going to learn in this exercise/technique.

5. Handling Unwanted Images of Anxiety
Our response is the result of the internal images of our mind. If any time our mind is holding unwanted images, then these images will surely create the response of discomfort in the body. In this exercise you will learn to handle such images of your mind.

6. Installing the patterns of hope & delightfulness in your mind
To heal anxiety, you need to install the patterns of hope and delightfulness in your subconscious mind. This wonderful exercise of NLP-Subconscious Reimprinting will help you create the imprints of hope and delightfulness.

7. Muting Unwanted Inner Critical Voice
Inner critical voices play vital role in taking us to the state of anxiety, depression and stress. This technique will guide you to not only mute such inner voices but also replace them with the resourceful voices.

8. Transforming Inner-Self Image
Our inner self image is the inner perception of ours and defines who we are, what is important to us, what we can do etc. During the journey of life, some unwanted events may distort this image, and that causes anxiety. In this exercise, you will re-create your inner self image of a healthy and positive person and will create the subconscious patterns of inner worthiness and wellness.


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