Student Workshop Course Content

Topics of Student Workshop

Session 1.

  • Basics of Human Mind & Learning
  • What is a 'State of Learning'
  • Knowledge of five elements of Human Learning
  • Eliminating Fears from mind; exam fear, subject fear, interview fear etc
  • Creating confidence patterns in mind; confidence in exam, interview, public speaking etc

  • Session 2.
  • Eliminating depression, frustration etc
  • Eliminating negativity from life
  • Creating equal interest in each subject
  • Developing new behaviors of toppers
  • Developing new inner self image for unlimited success
  • Developing your immunity power for better health during your studies

  • Session 3.
  • Handling disturbing thoughts during studies
  • Creating Peak Performance switch for excellent results in exam or interview
  • Avoiding silly mistakes in exam and interview
  • Fast memory tips for different subjects
  • Developing unlimited attitude and belief for future success

  • Session 4.
  • Handling the number one cause of student failures, disease: stress
  • Recharging your mind and body through 'Energy Recovery Mind Technique' to double your learning capacity
  • Becoming a good team builder
  • Setting rapport with people and enjoy good friends
  • Creating wonderful goals in life
  • and many more..

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