Challenges of Students

Challenges of Students

Challenges before our students today:
Some of the common challenges that prevent our students from achieving their best;

A. Lack of Retention:

Most of students have the ability to study more but they fail to retain their study for a long time and thus fail to give their best in exams.

B. Lack of Interest:

The second common challenge is-when a student feel that he has interest for one subject but has lost interest for another subject. If it happens, it discounts the true potential of the student.

C. Lack of Motivation:

A student can achieve miracles if he is motivated consistently. The real and inner motivation comes when the Reticular Activating System (RAS) is sensitized.

D. Exam/Interview/ Public Speaking Phobia:

Exam fear is one of the commonest challenges that troubles students; because of this fear, a student gets nervous and commits silly mistakes in exams.

E. Stress:

Today our education system throws a lot of stress on the students but never train them to cope up with this challenge. Stress has been one of the reasons why more than 7000 students committed suicide last year.

F. Lack of Confidence:

It is a burning issue before our students. Most of the students face this challenge in their life. Once they know how to handle this issue, they can undoubtedly score better.

G. Personal Issues:

We all have in our life some or the other personal issues; it can be negative or painful past memory, any failure or trauma. These issues, if unhandled, do create problem for the creativity of the student.

H. Unwanted Behaviours / Habits:

We at school level or family level rarely train our students to handle their emotional responses. Today anger, frustration, depression, guilt and loneliness are commonly found in our students. These emotions, if unresolved cause a lot of problems in getting better career & life.
If your child/student has any of these challenges, offer them the solution!
For all these challenges, now you have a human mind technology called Brain Mapping & NLP.

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