Why Wellness ReImprinting Mastery

Why this workshop

NLP SubConscious Re-Imprinting is a unique workshop designed my Ram Verma, a leading NLP coach of the country.
It includes

  • Removal of any mental garbage that is lying in form of past painful memories, old limiting beliefs and fears.
  • Transforming Inner Self Image to handle present issues and make bigger goals in each part of life
  • Creating the blue prints of a 'definite and bright' future; thus creating a blue print of future success
A Few NLP Exercise that will be done in this workshop
  1. Understanding Conscious and Unconscious Minds and their working
  2. Building new beliefs: Subconscious Auto Suggestions
  3. Why you have not achieved that you wanted/How to achieve what you want: OUTCOMES
  4. Exploring your hidden creativity for your Success & Happiness in Life: Disney Walt Exercise
  5. Finding past issues and getting free from past painful memories
  6. Getting yourself protected from the 'unwanted' hurt
  7. Build powerful beliefs
  8. Healing your life's Time-Line(Past, Present & Future): Complete Inner Transformation
  9. Enhancing your personal and professional Productivity: Neurological Level Alignment
  10. Building your divine Life
  11. Engaging your mind to boost your Immune power