Master Your SubConscious Mind

using most Amazing Human Mind Technology: NLP SubConscious ReImprinting

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Date: 14 March | Time: 11:00 A.M- 1:00 P.M

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the most amazing human mind technology to get fast and long lasting results in human transformation.
Today in the whole world, people from all domains like professionals, sportspersons, healers, therapists, doctors, psychologist, counselors, business executives and individuals are using NLP to create the desired results in their lives.
If you are looking for becoming more confident, rich, healthy and happy; NLP SubConscious ReImprinting free masterclass is the right choice.

This masterclass will be conducted by India’s top NLP SubConscious ReImprinting coach Ram Verma.

Ram Verma has been transforming people life's since 2001 and has conducted more than 1000+ workshops and adderssed more than 10,00,000 people. He has worked with CEO, Entrepreneurs, Business owner, Sportpersons, Corporate Trainers, IFS & IAS Officers.

Experience the most authentic Mind Technique by the top Trainer of India: Ram Verma

You will learn How to

  • Understand & Use Subconscious Mind Rightly

    Learn how Subconscious mind create your reality and undertsand the techniques through which you can register a message in subconscious mind.

    Gift Yourself Stress Free Mind-Disease Free Body​​​​​​​

    Learn the secrets of stress free mind which is when you are free from all the mental garbage. Learn the NLP techniques forstress free mind. With Stess free mind you will automatically start having disease free body.

    Multiply Your Wealth & Success

    If you have a feeling of positive contribution in the lives of others. Then here you will learn how you can multiply that and transform the lives of many people.

    Help Others To Transform

    Learn how Subconscious mind create your reality and undertsand the techniques through which you can register a message in subconscious mind.

Transform your Thinking using NLP

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Here is a chance for you to Learn

How do we perceive and create Beliefs
How Subconscious mind create our Reality
How to Get rid of your painful memories, fear, phobias
How to Eliminate & change Limiting Beliefs
How to Erase the subconscious patterns of stress, anxiety, anger, depression
How to activate subconscious mind to achieve your Goals
How to activate subconscious mind power for Money and success
How to Enjoy mind patterns of Confidence, Happiness and Motivation
How to Create the blue prints of Health and Happiness
How to communicate effectively and Build strong relationships

and many more beyond your Expectation that we guarantee...

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About Ram Verma : NLP SubConscious ReImprinting Trainer


Ram Verma is India’s leading NLP SubConscious ReImprinting coach. He has been empowering people nearly for two decades. He is the only trainer that has revolutionized the Subconscious techniques for Money, Success, Relationship and Health.

Ram Verma has addressed and transformed more than five lacs lives in last two decades. The Hindustan Times quoted Ram Verma as Guiding minds to go in right direction – Feb 1, 2004.

Ram Verma is the only NLP SubConscious ReImprinting coach in India with following feats:

Ram Verma is an NLP therapist and also advanced research scholar on Applied Fundamentals of Neuro linguistic programming and its effects on the human behaviour. He is also proficient in individual, family and organizational counseling and therapies.

He has addressed, motivated and coached over thousands of students, teachers, professionals, executives, senior management, homemakers etc. since 2001 on exploring their Inner potential, motivation, powerful communication in day-to-day practical life encounters.

He is the only coach in India, who has developed wide range of NLP techniques to produce wellness mastery, self-image mastery and excellence mastery. His techniques like immunity booster, self-image mastery, wealth mastery and happiness mastery have been a boon for producing amazing wellness excellence.

He has produced a magnificent NLP based workshop called ‘Personal Excellence ’ in which he makes participants walk across a bed of burning coal by putting them in resourceful states. The NLP coach who has been achieving a unique feat of eliminating people's life long phobia and trauma in less than 30 min with 100% guaranteed results.

He conducts workshops on Becoming a person of excellence, Eliminating life long phobias and traumas, Selling through NLP, Inspiration and motivational NLP based seminars, Communication and Interpersonal relationships, Business presentation skills, Creativity and probability thinking, Team building and metamorphosis leadership. He has also taken a number of workshops on training the trainer.

He has handled educational institutions - schools, colleges and universities [both teachers and students], corporate bodies [from gross level to senior management level] and other organizations.

All his seminars, workshops, and all his programs are totally based on NLP techniques, the methodology which is the core of achieving excellence in personal life and work. He is proficient in English and Hindi.

Today, Ram Verma has uploaded maximum NLP SubConscious ReImprinting videos on YouTube in Hindi, which are being seen around the globe.