When the Victim is Ready, the Prosecutor Appears

by | Oct 1, 2017 | self help

When the Victim is ready, the prosecutor appears…..


Dr Eric Berne in his book (games people play) say there is a human game of victim, prosecutor and rescuer.

This game is played in different situations. Sometimes we become victims of situations, market and whims of people and suddenly we get some rescuer also.

But a number of times I see people (me as well) play a game of being victim and Subconscious find out some prosecutors to blame and we get a rescuer as well who brings us out of the situation.
In fact, it is we who invite a victim in ourself just to give ourselves significance. And no sooner the prosecutor appears. And we start exploring the rescuers too. And this way the mind game is played within us and with ourselves.

What is the right way breaking through this game? Simple. Your awareness of not playing victim. Situation, market, people or any event come to us to make us realize that we need to be enough.

It is up to us what meaning we give to event before it becomes an internal reality and put us in unwanted state of mind.

Ram Verma

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