Whatever You Focus Upon Expands

by | Oct 1, 2017 | self help

Whatever you focus upon expands…

It is a simple rule of our Subconscious mind. It helps expand the things that it has been focusing upon.

It is a common experience for the young people who are suffering from pimples.

These boys or girls are sensitive about their beauty and keep focusing on the pimples they have had. The continuous looking makes a clear picture or imprints of their pimples on their Subconscious mind.

Also, people keep in their attention the growing pimples and their marks on their faces. This further creates enhanced imprints on their Subconscious mind.

You can get rid of or mitigate the problems of pimples just by changing focus and giving fresh imprints.

What you need to do is just while seeing a mirror, keep focusing on the region of your face where you have healthy and glowing skin.

Two, make at a distance a imaginary picture of yours wherein you see that you have a healthy and pimple free face. Associate some emotional benefits of this picture of healthy you.

Now take that image and let this image replace the old image of the face having pimple. Do repeat it a number of times and it will create a new imprints on your Subconscious mind.

Just use these small techniques and enjoy a better self image and confidence through Subconscious ReImprinting.

Ram Verma

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