Don’t Curse Yourself for De-Motivation

by | Oct 1, 2017 | self help

Dont Curse Yourself for De-motivation; Just Re-program your Subconscious Powers in one minute.

Do you want motivation for creating some change in life? Here is a simple Subconscious Re-Imprinting technique. This simple exercise can help you stay in motivation to complete your assignment effortlessly. You want to be motivated for your studies, morning walk, read good books, or write an article or anything else. Try this powerful subconscious technique.

Think of an activity that you like most. Keep imagining that activity and get associated fully. Make the images more vivid, hear the sounds more clearly and loudly and intensify the feelings. Hold these wonderful feelings of motivation.

Now think there is a small hole in the middle of this image. Now imagine that through this image you start seeing the new activity wherein you want to feel motivated. Enjoying the same feelings of motivation, imagine that with speed of light, the hole gets bigger and you see the new activity going on at the same place.

Repeat this exercise a number of times. Now your subconscious is re-imprinted with the same motivation for the new activity. You will observe that you are engaging yourself in the new activity with the same positive attitude and motivation effortlessly.

Think for a moment how things can be simple and enjoyable if you learn to run your subconscious mind.

Ram Verma

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