An Ultimate Wellness Exercise

by | Oct 1, 2017 | self help

Write a life script with NLP Subconscious ReImprinting; an ultimate emotional wellness exercise.

Our life script defines our wellness. Once we start repairing our past and preparing our future, we ReImprint new script on our Subconscious mind.

Here is another exercise that I developed to heal our past and enter our compelling future. Thus enjoying our ultimate wellness.

Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful coach of a train specially built and designed for you. In the train some significant people are sitting who are there to listen to your life stories.

Now imagine the train starts running from your past (your childhood) to the present. Now you start telling your wonderful memories that you are proud of.
Imagine people are listening to you all ears. Feel worthy sharing all memories.

In between imagine that you look out of window and see some painful events too. See them at a distance and see them passing past as your train is already moving. Keep sharing wonderful memories to people and come to your future.

Now see through window that all the negative memories have already gone back and are invisible.

Now take your journey to your future and start making your future the way you want.

Repeat it a number of times n enjoy Subconscious ReImprinting for cool and worthy past.

Ram Verma

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