Seven Secrets that You Need to Grow in Your Business

by | Nov 28, 2017 | business

Hi friends,

Your being a businessperson or entrepreneur opens unlimited opportunities not only for yourself and your people but also for a number of persons who benefit from your product, and create a positive belief by seeing you and your growth as well.

Your business is your extension. It reflects your abilities, beliefs system and purpose. It is your own representation in the form of the product or services you are offering.

It becomes more and more relevant for you to expand yourself to expand your business. For that you need to tap in the inner resources of your subconscious mind so that it can help you enjoy the flow of success and growth.

Here are a seven tipsthat you can use to ignite your mind to grow your business.

Tip 1. De-link your anxiety with your business outcome

Whenever your mind comes across big goals, it may distort the information and may create anxiety in your mind and body. This anxiety if not handled properly may put in you into frustration or insomnia. To achieve any goal, you need to de-link any anxiety form the assignment that you are completing. Because our mind is wired in such a way that it always avoids pain and looks for the gain. In case you associate any anxiety or pain with your business goals, your mind will avoid this pain to help you and shortly you may lose the interest in this business goal. If you fall the victim of this pattern of getting anxiety because of these goals, you need to learn subconscious reImprinting with NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Once you de-link anxiety with your business outcomes, and also create a subconscious reinforcement with your goals, it becomes an easy job for your mind to complete it. Remember, our mind works with two laws; law of attraction and Law of repulsion. If you are working or achieving anything that you are moving away from, then you are going to attract only such people and opportunities that will help to go away from that work. This is the law of repulsion.

Once you set the goals that you are moving towards, then your mind will create the power of focus to attract people and opportunities that can help you achieve that goal. Also, you will feel energized as your body will feel inner joy and release more chemicals that will help you general bigger momentum and creativity.


Tip 2. Ignite your Dreamer to set big goals

In tip 1 you learned as to how you need to de-link your anxiety from your business outcomes.

In this part you need to ignite the dreamer part of your mind to set huge and unbelievable business goals.

Growth in any business is not a choice, it is mandatory for sustaining in the competitive market. You need consistently to grow. As you know your business is you extension, you need to muster all your resources to expand yourself in terms of your actions and inner beliefs. What you need to do is to ignite the part of your mind that can set big and wonderful goals. You need to gain the access of the zone of your subconscious that helps you see big dreams. You need to gain the access of the times of your life when thought big, did big and created big in your life. Keep living for some time in that zone consistently and soon your mind will take that zone and will help you think big once again. If you are trying to make big goals without accessing your dreamer part of the mind, you are missing the big juice of your success in your business.

Only dreaming will not be enough. You need to gain the access of the critic part of your mind. This part will help you explore all the objections and the reasons of failing. It is necessary to see the threats in advance. Any threat if happened may create big anxiety for you and your people.

Once you dream big and explore all the threats, then you can take your team together and creates various alternatives to realize these dreams.


Tip 3. See yourself achieving those goals

Once you feel comfortable with your business goals, and ignite your inner resources to set them big, explore threats and chalk out the strategies to achieve them, here is the third tip for you to grow in your business.

This is visualize yourself achieving those goals.

We humans are born with three main fears; fear of sound, fear of falling and fear of unknown. Whatever is unknown for us may trigger the feelings of fear and consequently the mind will make sure that you don’t come across this fear. This game will run unconsciously and you will not come about it consciously till you find that you no more pursue that goal. Amazing game of our subconscious mind. Now question is how to make this goal know to your own mind.

Game is simple.

Our mind doesn’t differentiate between reality and imagination.

For example, imagine your food before you now. You got the feelings. Your mind and body is responding as if the food were really there.

This secret you can use for your business growth. Once you set the business goals, now is the time to visualize achieving these goals. You can create a short mental movie of the steps as to how you will achieve them. You can see the starting point how you will proceed and how will you complete it. You need to make this visualization as real as possible. Your images should be colorful, bigger, brighter and bolder. The sounds in this visualization should be louder and you should experience the intensified feelings in your body. Once you do regularly, your mind will perceive as if it is already done. The moment your mind creates this belief, it is going to offer you the real law of attraction in your favor.


Tip 4. Find how your goals will help others grow in their live

While setting your goals, you need to utilize different point of views. It can be your growth, the growth of your organisation or the growth of your employees or your clients. They are the people who are directly associated with your and your product/services or your outcome. You need to think beyond them also. You need to explore a point of view where you can think of the other people who are not associated with you directly but you have some sense of contribution.

Once you create this point of view, your sense of being a business person starts changing to a contributor also. It energizes your subconscious mind to do big and significant. The magic of growth really starts now as you start thinking many people as if they are your own family. This is the reason that most religions recommend you to give away some percentage of your profits as contribution. My income multiplied when my team decided to conduct free workshops with free lunch for the masses across the country. Initially many people became skeptic to this plan of my team, but soon we developed a spiritual purpose to help people. Today the more such workshops we are conducting, the more motivation and energy we are experiencing in our growth.

Once you think this way, you start growing. And the more you grow, the more responsible you become to do more. This helps you further in your mission. Sand a virtuous cycle starts in your favor.


Tip 5: Keep some people near your heart, who will deeply appreciate when you achieve these goals.

There may be many rewards that you must be looking for when you complete and achieve your business goals. They may satisfy your conscious mind or ego. But the real joy come when some significant people are there to appreciate your success. Our subconscious mind looks for some unique reasons to complete any work with a flow. This is what we call relating. Relating with significant people builds our inner self Image that helps us get up early in the morning and going to bed late because you have something to achieve for someone. If these someone are your universe fellows, it becomes your purpose of life. This is called the spiritual mission for your growth on this earth. When people miss this relating, they experience depression and start becoming aloof in life. This further kills their ability to see big dreams. This starts the fall of the person and subsequently the fall of the business he is looking after.

So, keep this relating closer to your heart and ignite your business dreams to ignite your groove to take your business to the next level.


Tip 6: Let your goals reflect as to who you are

To enjoy your growth and success in your life and business, you and your goal should become one. This can be achieved when you deeply identify with your goals. You need to see your goal as closely on your mental screen as possible. Your mind should get a sense of excitement to while it sees your goals. You can do it only when your deeper values are satisfied with your goals. There should be unlimited joy in achieving those goals and also equal amount of pain in not achieving them. You need to handle all the objections if there any in your mind about this goal. Your goal should reflect your ultimate mission of life and being on this earth.

Once it is done well, your mind will explore new abilities and responses that are consistent to achieving these goals without any efforts. It will use the Law of Attraction. It will attract people and opportunities for you till you are reaching your goals. He key is simple; let you represent your goals and your goals represent yourself.


Tip 7: Reinforce your neurology by visualizing celebrating your success

Your subconscious responds only when there is little doubt and complete certainty in your idea or thinking. It is known as the state of congruence. It is the state of your mind when it takes that idea and work upon it. Once this state is generated, the idea becomes an integral part of your neurology. Your neurons in your nervous system hold this idea and responds to any information, opportunity and person that are relevant enough to make this idea a reality.

To achieve this state you need to visualize your goals a number of time. You need to see the goal and yourself closely associated. You need to visualize as if the goal is already achieved. You need to visualize as if you are enjoying its fruits. You need to celebrate the celebrations in your visualization. Also, you need to consistently, move your body, use your tonality and words and also your facial expressions as if you have already achieved this goal. It will help you build that certainty in your nervous system and soon you will realize that your journey towards your success starts effortlessly.


Best wishes