What is NLP

What is NLP & it's Application

What does NLP do?
NLP helps you create change.
NLP is based on the principles as to how our thoughts, feelings and actions work together to create our experience. As NLP is founded on the modern science of biology, information and linguistic, it begins with new principles of how mind works.
The map is not the territory : We perceive the events of the world through our senses and create the inner representation or a map of it. While perceiving any event, our mind undergoes the process of deletion, distortion and generalization and creates the inner mental map. In fact, our response is not the result of the real event rather it is the result of the mental map (of the event) that we hold. These mental maps or subjective experiences become the ultimate reality for us. These mental maps can be changed, replaced or updated any time we want thus changing the meaning of the outer event.

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