NLP With Ram Verma

Your Subconscious has unlimited power but now it is filled with unwanted bad memories, fear, phobias and other dis-empowering triggers. This workshop ignites the power of subconscious mind by re-imprinting the pattern of empowering states through NLP.

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NLP Trainings in India by Ram Verma

NLP Trainings in India by Ram Verma

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Hi, For one and half decades I have been offering a number of NLP trainings in India. My generative learning methodlogy uniquely helps participants learn and practice NLP in a simple way. This helps people address and resolve their challenges effectively. I am proud to announce that my most-watched NLP videos in India and abroad are helping everyday a number of people who are looking for authentic and relevant NLP training to address their personal and professional issues.

In last one and half decades, I got an opportunity and big exposure to address and empower more than half a million people with NLP trainings in India. I have got an opportunity to design and deliver various NLP trainings like NLP for corporate executives/managers, NLP for students, NLP for cricketers & sportspersons, NLP for sales people, NLP for couples, NLP for senior citizens, NLP for lawyers, NLP for teachers/parents and NLP for upcomoing trainers in different Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa and Ahmedabad etc.

I have been helping individuals and upcoming Indian NLP trainers (training and designing their customised NLP training contents) who have been offering various NLP trainings like NLP Basic Practitioner course, NLP Master Practitioner course, NLP trainers’ program, and NLP based customized workshops for Students, Youth, Couples, Parents, Teachers & Business people etc.


Dr Ravindra Vishvakarma

I am Dr Ravindra Vishvakarma from Dhanbad. I learnt NLP from Mr Ram Verma in 2013. I had a little knowledge of NLP prior to attending the eight day course. In eight days I learnt not only the structured concepts of NLP but also got deep and practical knowledge of this wonderful human mind tool.

Vinod Phutela (Father and coach of Nationally known ‘Google girl’ Jiya Phutela)

I feel proud being one of the NLP students of Mr Ram Verma. After learning NLP for eight days, I was highly motivated by my mentor Mr Ram Verma to apply these techniques in public as soon as the course was over. The first client was my own small daughter. I trained my daughter Jiya with these techniques and changed everything for her.

Pawan Sharma & Monica Sharma

We learnt NLP from Mr Ram Verma in April 2013. In just eight days, we were able to deliver our trainings and presentations in Kanpur. Today we enjoy reputation of changemakers in different organizations and public sectors too.

Soumyadeep Bhowmik

I joined Sir’s class back in 2004 April in Kolkata. It was an eye opening session for me. I learnt how simple mind techniques can be used in daily life. He taught us great techniques of inter-personal communications.

Today, I am working in Berlin, Germany.